Who I am

 Way back in 1953 I came into this world. If there would have been a hospital in Lac LaRonge Saskatchewan I would have been born there but there was no hospital in 1953. So when it was getting close to my arrival date my mother went to Prince Albert and I was born there. A few years later we moved to Prince Albert and that's where my brothers, sisters and I grew up, and went to school.  
My uncle was a singer/songwriter and at least once a year he would visit - usually at Chrismas - and we would sit around the room and sing folksongs in the evening. My uncle Ellis was a great inspiration to me and my whole family. So of course it was only a matter of time before my brother and I requested a guitar for Chrismas. I was 14 and my second oldest brother was 13. Oh, I wish I could have seen the look on our faces when Christmas morning came and there was - under the tree - two guitars, one for me and one for my brother. That was one of the great hi-lights of my  early teens.
A year later there I was on stage at the "Riverside Revue" - a yearly high school variety show - singing a Gordon Lightfoot song. The lights, the microphones, the sound and the excitement. I was bit by the performing bug. I loved it.
Fast forward a few years and I found myself living in Alberta and performing every chance I got, at coffee houses, weddings, retirement homes, singer/songwriter circles, and festivals, any place where people would listen to the music.
In 1987 I decided to take a big step and use the skills I learned from playing other peoples songs and learn how to write my own songs. Songs I could share with the world. So off I went to songwriter workshops at Humber College in Toronto to learn those skills. Not only did I learn how to write songs but I met some very talented Canadian songwriters who were just as eager to teach songwriting as I was to learn.
In 2011 after four years of summer songwriting workshops at Humber College I fulfilled my dream and released my first six song album called "About You"(on Itunes).
There are other songs in the works and hopfully they will be recorded some day.